Dear friends!

Many of you for one reason or another do not consider participating in exhibitions this year. Meanwhile, life does not stand still and all the tasks of marketing, promotion of goods and services, sales must be addressed. We are sure that for all of us this is now vitally necessary. Surely your competitors and industry enterprises are already thinking of a solution.

We offer an innovative solution - an online electronics exhibition! And we appeal not only to our regular participants, but also to those who, for various reasons, either did not see the exhibition as an effective tool, either considered them unreasonably costly, or always wanted to try, but did not know how to properly prepare.

All these doubts and fears can now be discarded!
ChipEXPO online exhibition is a simple and effective tool for solving your problems!
Join now!

The First Online ChipEXPO Exhibition

In the situation where it is impossible to predict the development of events due to the epidemic that has fallen on all of us, despite the cancellation or postponement of key industry events, market participants must find ways for further development! Whatever happens, the exhibitions still remain one of the main marketing tools, and we want to keep and supplement this tool using modern IT technologies, digitalization of business processes and the technology of remote communications already familiar to many. We offer a modern and effective mechanism for business, allowing you to fully participate in key events online.

Be more efficient!

The modern technologies allow to attend events, making and holding meetings, exchanging contacts and promoting your business. While at home or in the office, you can effectively work with visitors of online exhibitions, find new customers, sell your products and services, and receive new orders. Everything will be like at your usual exhibitions: meetings, conversations, negotiations, exchange of contacts and documents, seminars and conferences and finally stands.

Many new participants will be added to the online exhibition, for which this format will become more cost-effective / interesting.

Increase attendance by reducing costs!

And how many visitors will be able to visit your virtual stand, chat in video or chat mode directly with your managers, immediately send a prepared application, request for delivery or a commercial offer.

The statistics show that it is hundreds, thousands of visitors! You will save on logistics, printing, transport! At the same time, all your managers will remain at their workplaces and without interruption from their main work will be in touch with visitors

Online exhibition features


The ChipEXPO online platform will allow the exhibition to be implemented in the usual way, but in a digital format. Of course, the cost of such participation seriously saves the exhibition budget, since there is no cost for renting space and building (although we can create a virtual stand for your project in the form of a digital 2D or 3D model).


The participation in ChipEXPO online exhibition is significantly lower than the cost of participation in a real exhibition and ranges from 50,000 to 80,000 rubles, depending on the functionality and type of your virtual stand. These costs easily pay off. Since the cost of exhibition contact in our industry is about 2000 rubles, already in the case of 25 contacts, participation costs are justified at a cost of 50,000.

Convenience and safety

This is a unique opportunity to gather the target audience in one place, safely and contactlessly, with the full functionality of a real exhibition!

The reason to review your attitude to exhibitions

The online exhibition can be very interesting for those exhibitors who were not ready to spend money on live participation before. Also, the online exhibition will be of interest to companies that previously stopped participating in exhibitions because of the incomparability of financial costs and the benefits received. The online format will allow them to return due to the low cost of investments.

The cost of participation is a powerful argument in favor of online

The cost of participation will allow renewed participation in the exhibition and acquire new partnership contacts.

What will your competitors decide?

If for serious reasons there will be a massive transfer of exhibitions to the year 2021, then the benefit will be in a year, and you need customers now, use this opportunity, do not leave advantages to your competitors.

The whole world at your service!

The number of visitors of the online exhibition can significantly exceed the usual figures for attendance, since there are no restrictions on geography, it is easier to find time to visit and just have a smartphone to view the exhibition program, participate in business program webinars and interact with exhibitors.

How does it work?

For visitors

  • The visitor is registered on the platform of the online exhibition
  • A private office is created for him and he gets to the RIS page (reference information system)
  • Here he can select exhibitors from the thematic section, see the organizers' announcements
  • Then he goes to your stand
  • Acquainted with your exhibits, services, documents, presentations and advertising
  • Starts communication with stand-makers via video communication, chatting
  • He takes the necessary documents to his private office, “business cards” of standmen, leaves his contacts

For exhibitors?

  • Exhibitor is registered on the platform of the online exhibition
  • Passes the initial accreditation and sends all the necessary materials for the exhibition for placement
  • Participates in the exhibition online, highlighting for this stand-makers who remain at their workplaces
  • Standmen communicate with visitors, hold consultations, meetings and gather contacts
  • Company employees conduct webinars on a business program schedule
  • Process contacts after the exhibition
  • Happy with the result